Hudson Bread Visitor Agreement

Hudson Bread is a food processing facility; as such, the safety and wellness of employees, visitors and guests is important to us.
Visitors and guests are to observe the following GMPs while in production, handling, and storage areas of our operation:
• Hair nets shall be worn to fully cover hair and ears; if a hat is being worn – either baseball or knit – then the hair net must completely cover that as well.
• Where applicable, beard guards must be worn to cover all facial hair: beards, moustaches, goatees, etc.
• Food handling, storage and production areas are to be entered and exited through properly identified points.
• Hand washing shall be observed prior to entering the manufacturing area; if entering from the employee side, the handwash station is in the uniform area – if entering from the dock area, the handwash station is located immediately before the roll-up door leading to production.
• While in handling, production, and storage areas of the facility, you will require a company escort.
• Jewelry (watches, necklaces, bracelets, earring/piercings), rings with stones, silicone-based athletic rings and loose objects are to be removed and stored securely.
• Nail polish and/or false nails are not allowed.
• False eyelashes are not allowed.
• Personal items – including bags, purses, etc. – are not allowed.
Hudson Bread requires visitors and guests to confirm that they have not experienced any of the following within the last three (3) weeks:
• Respiratory illness symptoms: persistent cough, fever, sneezing, chills, chest pressure.
• Foodborne illness symptoms: abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, fever, diarrhea, chills.
• Confirmation of COVID-19 (either by PCR or clinically administered rapid test).
• Exposure to anyone who tested positive for COVID-19, either by PCR or clinically administered rapid test.
Visitors and guests are required to undergo a temperature verification check prior to being allowed beyond the waiting area.
Hudson Bread will deny entry to any visitor or guest for the following reasons:
• Confirmation that they have experienced any of the wellness issues listed above;
• Refusal to confirm any of the wellness issues listed above;
• Having a verified temperature above 100F.